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Typical applications of stud welding with 1-50 mm threadedstuds...

General attachment
Attachment of all types of threaded studs in accordance with the arc welding principle. 
Attachment of PCB
Many electronic components can benefit from being attached inside cabinets, modules, etc.
Cabinet attachment
Attachment of cabinets, where the threaded bushing acts as spacer.
Tapping sockets
For air control or hydraulic systems, stud welding is the quickest way of making joints.
Insulation attachment
Attachment of insulation material, insulation pins and clips; available in many different dimensions.
Composite structures
Stud welding is definitely the soundest method of anchoring concrete on steel.
Attachment of threaded studs where different spacers can be installed.
Flange couplings
If flange couplings are installed by means of stud-welding, piercing and threading are avoided.
Where earthing is required, the cable can be attached by means of a threaded stud or a flat pin terminal.
Grate structures
On oil-drilling platforms and at power plants, grate structures are attached by means of stud welding.

Stud welding has a multitude of uses.

Wherever an item has to be attached to a weldable basis material, stud welding offers unique benefits.

Stud welding is the quickest, most reliable method of attachment.

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