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The compact stud welding gun PKM-1B is designed for capacitor discharge stud welding (contact method). It guarantees optimum welding results and repeatability and is very easy to use. The PKM-1B stands out through its robust construction and high reliability. Its ergonomic design and low weight assure tireless working.


Welding range

Ø 2-10 mm

Welding material

steel, stainless steel

Stud length

6-40 mm
(with accessories: any)

Welding method
(acc. to DIN EN ISO 14555)

capacitor discharge (contact method)

Welding cable

6,5 m, 25 mm²

Control cable plug


Dimensions (WxHxL)

40x130x183 mm

Weight (without cable)

0,7 kg

Item number




very well suited for welding on problematic surfaces (e.g. zinc, tinder)

spring pressure adjustable

indication of adjusted spring pressure in sight window

highest operational repeatability, high welding quality, high reliability

highest stud positioning accuracy through precise slide-bearing guide of gun piston

simple handling

quick and simple retooling

all stud types weldable (special chuck might be required)

high service life through high-grade mechanical components

robust housing made from impact resistant, full-insulating plastics

50 mm² welding cable plugs in order to prevent burnt contacts

precision guidance protected from welding spatters

ergonomic design

compact construction

low weight

optional: precision linear ball track of gun piston